2015 Shanghai Applied Economics Workshop Program
June 6th -7th, 2015

Morning of Saturday, June 6th
Chair: Tianxu Chen (SUFE)
8:30 am: Welcome from the Dean
8:40 am: Presentation by Lars Lefgren (BYU)
Title: Outcome Based Accountability: Theory and Evidence
Discussant: Shulamit Kahn (BU)
9:40 am: Group Picture and Coffee Break
10:20 am: Presentation by Shuaizhang Feng(SUFE)
Title: Unemployment and Labor Force Participation in China: Long Run Trends and Short Run Dynamics.
Discussant: Xin Meng (ANU)
11:20 am: Presentation by Naijia Guo (CUHK)
Title: State Sector Employment and the Dynamics of Unemployment: Evidence from China
Discussant: Kevin Lang (BU)
Afternoon of Saturday, June 6th
Chair: Sisi Zhang (SUFE)
2:00 pm: Presentation by Yuanyuan Chen (SUFE)
Title: Informal Search, Bad Search? The Effects of Job Search Method on Wages among Rural Migrants in Urban China
Discussant: Robert Gregory (ANU)
3:00 pm: Presentation by Xin Meng (ANU)
Title: Stealing Your Way to My Heart: China’s One Child Policy, Marriage Market and Crime
Discussant: Tianxu Chen (SUFE)
4:00 pm: Coffee Break
4:15 pm: Presentation by Tianxu Chen (SUFE)
Title: Health Insurance Coverage and Marriage Behavior: Is There Evidence of Marriage-Lock?
Discussant: Chinhui Juhn (UH)
Sunday, June 7th
Chair: Shuaizhang Feng (SUFE)
8:30 am: Presentation by Sisi Zhang (SUFE)
Title: Rising Household Income Inequality and Instability -- Putting the Pieces together
Discussant: Lance Lochner (UWO)
9:30 am: Presentation by Lance Lochner (UWO)
Title: Understanding Earning Dynamics: Identifying and Estimating the Changing Roles of Unobserved Ability, Permanent and Transitory Shocks
Discussant: Sisi Zhang (SUFE)
10:30 am: Coffee Break
10:45 pm: Presentation by Kevin Lang (BU)
Title: The Black-White Education-Scaled Test-Score Gap in Grades K-7
Discussant: Yuanyuan Chen (SUFE)
11:45 pm: Presentation by Chinhui Juhn (UH)
Title: The Quantity-quality Tradeoff and the Formation of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills
Discussant: Lars Lefgren (BYU)
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